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More Blocks With Letters On- Anagram Word Puzzle


More Block With Letters On is a fiendish sequel to anagram word puzzle game Blocks With Letters On.

The object of each level is to move the letter blocks into the yellow area, to form an English word. Select a block using the mouse or the space bar, the use the arrow keys to move the selected block left or right.

There is also an iPhone version of Blocks With Letters On. Happy Puzzling!


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Dynamite Blast – Physics Puzzle Game


Dynamite Blast is another physics based online puzzle game.

Object is to cause vehicles to fall below the yellow line by making structures collapse with your limited explosives. In some levels, you must blast objects to allow a vehicle to reach a flag.

There are 30 puzzling levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles, Physics-Based Puzzlers


Cast Laby – Cast Puzzle


Cast Laby is a metal puzzle and the result of a very fruitful week in extending my puzzle collection.

The key point of this puzzle is decisively navigating its labyrinth, in which exists one point of weakness for you to break through.

You can buy Cast Laby at Puzzle Master Inc. or buy  Cast Laby at Happy Puzzling!


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Doing Puzzles ‘Could Speed Up Dementia’


Bad news for real puzzle lovers?

Thinking too hard may actually damage the brains of some older people, it is claimed.

Engaging in activities such as doing crossword puzzles, reading and listening to the radio has long been thought to delay mental decline.

But new research shows that while at first they slow the decline of thinking skills, brain work-outs actually speed up the progress of dementia once it set in.

Study author Robert Wilson, of Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago said mentally stimulating activities may enhance the brain’s ability to function relatively normally despite the build-up of lesions [Read More...]

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Tropix! – Match Three Online Puzzle Game


Tropix is another match three on-line puzzle game.Head to your very own private tropical island to play this fun matching game.

Click on three or more matching tropic fruits to make them disappear. Happy Puzzling!


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Another Living Room Escape


Another Living Room Escape is as the name already says, yet another living room Escape The Room game.

Also in this escape the room game, you are trapped in a living room.

Find objects and clues around the living room in order to escape. Happy Puzzling!

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Category: All Puzzles, Escape The Room Games


Bubba Time – Online Action / Puzzle Game


Bubba Time is an addictive action/puzzle game.

In Bubba Time you must use your ability to bend time to avoid different obstacles. Use the cursor keys to move Bubba. Push levers to open exit doors. Push up while standing in front of a door to go to another room. If Bubba is crouched the pink blocks are placed from the floor’s level. Hit the blocks from below to break them. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles

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