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Name: Clips Rudenko
Manufacturer: Roscreative
Where to buy: Clips Rudenko at Puzzle Master Inc.
Object: Move the Clips from one section to another

Warning!  The puzzle of this package is all in Russian.  The instructions are in Russian as well.  I have translated the instructions here as best as I can.

The game is recommended for children and adults.
The game offers a pleasant way to spend time:

  • Develops logical thinking and intelligence
  • Contributes to the development of motor skills and coordination
  • Develops the imagination
  • Trains the memory.

The game consists of three sectors, one of which has seven colored clips.Clips can only be placed onto a smaller clip.   Sector are numbered: I, II, III.
Game twofold: equally comfortable for both left-handed people (left-handed), and for the right-handed (right-handed).
The goal: to move clips from one sector to another with the same sequence.

Rules of the game: move clip one can stay in any sector, the clip can be worn more for less. You can choose your level of difficulty, you can have 3 4 or 5 clips to start the game
Try to rearrange the clips themselves, without looking at the answers.

Comes with instructions in Russian.


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