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Name: Disk Rudenko
Manufacturer: Roscreative
Where to buy: Disk Rudenko at Puzzle Master Inc.
Object: move the rainbow colors from one area to another

Warning!  The puzzle of this package is all in Russian.  The instructions are in Russian as well.  I have translated the instructions here as best as I can.

This game helps you to remember the color of the rainbow!
The game is recommended for children and adults.
The game allows you to spend time with pleasure and benefit:

  • develops an algorithmic way of thinking
  • develops motor skills and coordination
  • promotes the development of logic, creative thinking and imagination
  • pocket size – easy to play on the way, on vacation, at home.

The game consists of 3 sections with colored circles. One of the sections contains multi-colored chips.

Goal: to arrange chips by colors of the rainbow in any other section.

Rules of the game: you can move chips one by one. The chip may temporarily stop in any section, but only on the circle of its color: green chip – on the green circle, red – on the red, etc. A chip can’t go further than circle of its color. (So, the yellow chip can go through the red and orange circles to its yellow circle, but can’t go through green circle). Do not use force to move a chip to wrong color – it can break the game.
When you manage to move chips in one section, move them in the next section, etc.

Try to move chips yourself, don’t use the help. Good luck!

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