Katamino Luxe (wooden version)

/Katamino Luxe (wooden version)

Katamino Luxe (wooden version)

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Name: Katamino Luxe
Manufacturer: DJ Games
Year: 2006
Where to buy: Katamino Luxe (wooden version) at Puzzle Master Inc.
Solution: Katamino Solution">Katamino Luxe (wooden version)
Object: The object is to try to fit all the wooden pieces in as shown on the instruction. The more wooden blocks you have to add, the more challenging Katamino becomes. Includes 1 wooden tray, 18 wooden blocks, 1 color section chart, 1 puzzle grid, instructions.

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  1. […] board. The total number of solutions are more than 36.000 so this will keep me busy for a while. Katamino is already added to my puzzle collection and soon also solutions for Katamino will be added. Happy […]

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