Magic Triangle Puzzle – Frogs (a.k.a. Triazzle)

/Magic Triangle Puzzle – Frogs (a.k.a. Triazzle)

Magic Triangle Puzzle – Frogs (a.k.a. Triazzle)

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Name: Magic Triangle Puzzle - Frogs
Manufacturer: Puzzle Centre
Where to buy: Magic Triangle Puzzle – Frogs (a.k.a. Triazzle) at Puzzle Master Inc.
Object: Magic Triangle is a unique mosaic puzzle which will delight and challenge young and old. Remove the triangular pieces from the game board and mix them up. Then replace all the puzzle pieces so that each picture matchs. Think it looks easy? Once you take it apart, it is not a pretty picture. Have fun. This puzzle has thousands of possibilities but only one solution.

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  1. […] is not really new I already have a more difficult and large version of this sort puzzles called Magic Triangle in my puzzle collection consisting of 24 triangles. But it is always nice to try something out […]

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