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Meta-Forms : Logic Builder

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Name: Meta-Forms : Logic Builder
Manufacturer: Foxmind
Year: 2008
Where to buy: Meta-Forms : Logic Builder at Puzzle Master Inc.
Object: The object of the game is to succeed in placing 9 wooden shapes onto a 3 x 3 grid using a given set of clues. The game begins with simple puzzles that allow children as young as 4-5 years old to start playing and to understand the underlying logic principles. As the game progresses, new logic concepts are introduced requiring the players to use more sophisticated reasoning skills. The gradual progression of the puzzles allows each player to advance at their own pace. It is astonishing how natural it is for young minds to grasp the fundamental rules of logic and develop advanced reasoning skills in problem solving. It should be noted that, in the advanced levels of the game, the puzzles represent a challenge for most adults who, like younger players, will enjoy the satisfaction of solving them.

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