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Peter’s Black Hole

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Name: Peter's Black Hole
Object: Peter's Blackhole is a 3D puzzle in which everything revolves around a spatial "Black Hole". Upon purchase, your magical 3D puzzle is in its original state: on every visible surface of every visible cube there is a silver star. In one corner there is a cube missing, in which Peter's Blackhole can be read. You use this free space to slide the other cubes around. When you start moving the cubes, you'll see that Peter's Blackhole disappears, and also that the silver stars turn towards the inside. In their place you now see other brightly colored stars, or cubes with just a black surface. You need skill to get the cube back to its original state, i.e. making all the silver stars visible again.

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  1. […] found from Puzzle Master is a variant of Peter’s Black Hole. Difference is that the cubes in Peter’s Black Hole are trapped in a frame in which there are 26 cubes. In the Inversion Puzzle there are three axis […]

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