To “B” Or Not To “B”, These Are the Questions

//To “B” Or Not To “B”, These Are the Questions
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To "B" Or Not To "B", These Are the Questions

1. A large room that is usually used as a dance hall (Noun).

2. Single-celled microorganisms commonly used to produce cheese (Noun).

3. A flying-machine, usually round, but can also be in any one of many different shapes. Sometimes used for advertising (Noun).

4. A hotel employee who assists guests with their luggage (Noun).

5. This word can be a noun or a verb. This word means to fight, usually involving many people (Noun). It also means to participate in such an activity (Verb).

6. When something is not very interesting (Adjective).

7. The master control center of the nervous system in all vertebrates (Noun).

8. To purge air, for example, from a radiator (Verb).

9. A synonym for "drink" (Noun).

10. A winter sport combining skiing and shooting (Noun).

11. A unit of information used in computing. It can only be represented by a "0" or a "1" (Noun).

12. This word is used to describe the emotion of feeling sad. It is also one of the primary colors (Adjective).

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