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"Barney Miller" Characters

1. Which character has a very set idea of what's right and what's wrong, even if he doesn't always understand how the law applies? He also can't understand why people can't spell his name. "You spell it like it sounds."
2. Which character is the politically incorrect, old school detective who has moved up in the ranks and now spends a lot of his time reminiscing about the old days and his retired or dead former partners?
3. This near-retirement character, having been asked if he was all right, replied, "Whatever can be done, has been done." He's often looked to as a mentor, and his dry humor and cynical attitude are always good for a laugh.
4. This character was enthusiastic to prove she could do a fine job as a cop while holding on to her femininity, and developed a romantic relationship with Wojo.
5. This character spent most of his on duty time avoiding work and reading the racing forms, but was primarily in charge of making the coffee and filing paperwork. His philosophical and often hard to understand humor often raised eyebrows.
6. This character has often been accused of being pedantic, and is the one everyone turns to when they face something they know nothing about. He displays a very academic and dry sense of humor.
7. This character considers himself a cut above the average cop. He was educated in private schools, and spends a lot of his on duty hours writing instead of policing. Don't even suggest he buys his clothes off the rack.
8. This character belongs to the "ambulance chaser" category and is always looking for another client at the 12th Precinct. He sues Ron Harris once he recognizes himself in Harris's book.
9. This character tends to be a "hot dog" in his eagerness to become a detective. He surprised the detectives when he displayed his skill in sign language and again when he became a "mole" for Internal Affairs in order to spy on the 12th Precinct.
10. This character runs the department, sometimes wishing he could transfer, but being a father figure to some and a best friend to others. He's generally rational, with a more tolerant attitude toward the lawbreakers than many of his colleagues.

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