Same Birthday 1 (Jan 1 – 10)

//Same Birthday 1 (Jan 1 – 10)
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Same Birthday 1 (Jan. 1-10)

1. Paul Revere, born on 1/1/1735, was famous for his cry, "The British are coming!" during the U.S. Revolutionary War. This famous American was born exactly 17 years later and known for her skills with needle and thread. Who is she?
2. Isaac Asimov, born on 1/2/1920, is known not only for his work in astronomy but also for his skills as a science fiction writer. Who, born 29 years later, played a prolific role as an android in a popular television series?
3. Actor and director Mel Gibson, born 1/3/1956, never got to act or direct in any of the movies made from this author's series of novels. Born 64 years earlier, his works set the stage for fantasy for generations to come. Who is he?
4. Michael Stipe, the lead singer for the band R.E.M., was born on 1/4/1960. His finger skills may be considered useless by this man born 151 years earlier who invented a method for the blind to read. Who is he?
5. Robert Duvall, a multi-faceted U.S. actor, was born 1/5/1931. Exactly 38 years later, this pale musician was born. Though his name is Brian Hugh Warner, who is he professionally known as?
6. Rowan Atkinson, the actor behind the character Mr. Bean, was born 1/6/1955. Over 500 years previous, in the year 1412, this female leader nicknamed "The Maid of Orleans" was born. Who is she?
7. Nicolas Cage, born 1/7/1964, has played a number of roles in movies, but few movies feature the 13th U.S. President born 164 years earlier. Who is he?
8. Steven Hawking, noted theoretical physicist, was born on 1/8/1942. Five years later, David Jones was born. He would later take on the persona of Ziggy Stardust, but by what name is he commonly known?
9. Noted female folk singer Joan Baez was born on 1/9/1941. Three years later, another prolific musician was born who would later play lead guitar for one of the pioneer acts in modern rock, Led Zeppelin. Who is he?
10. Rod Stewart, one of the bestselling musicians in history, was born on 1/10/1945 near the end of World War 2. Four years later, this future boxer who named three of his four children after himself was born. Who is he?

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