1. Which gaming platform was "Destiny" NOT released for?
2. Part of "Destiny", most notably the competitive multiplayer, closely mimics the game play of another well known hit by the same developer, Bungie. What is that game franchise?

3. There are ___ major classes to choose from when creating your character.

4. What is the in-game term used to name several people playing "Destiny" together, rather than playing solo?
5. What is the name of the first DLC content released for "Destiny" on December 9th, 2014?

6. The Titan's subclass is Bladedancer.
7. Radiance, the super ability of the Warlock subclass Sunsinger, increases a player's stats temporarily.
8. Awoken and Human are the only races to choose from when creating your character.
9. ___ is the name of your artificial intelligence companion that accompanies you through your travels.

10. Choose the correct listing of the main planet of residence for the following alien enemies in order: Fallen, Hive, Vex, Cabal.

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