“Destiny” Part 2

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"Destiny" Part 2

1. What is the name of the Agent of the Nine that comes and goes from the Tower at will and sells extremely rare weapons, gear, and artifacts for a limited time each week?

2. What are the four types of weapon damage in "Destiny"?
3. Some weapons, such as the Invective shotgun, can only be obtained by completing ____ weapon bounties.

4. You are able to equip as many Exotic items as you want at any time.
5. With the addition of "The Dark Below" DLC, a new bounty giver and merchant was added to the game. What is her name?

6. To what race does the Queen of the Reef belong?
7. What is the name given to the PvP mode of the game?

8. What famous British musician made contributions to the official "Destiny" soundtrack?
9. Which three factions are in the Tower (other than Vanguard) that you can gain reputation for?
10. What is the real name of the Cryptarch?

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