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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

1. Which of the following years is the game set in?
2. Which of the following release dates is correct?
3. Which gang color represents the Grove Street Families?
4. Which of the following cars does Sweet own?
5. Which radio station is funk/disco music?
6. Which rural/countryside area is on the same island as Los Santos?
7. Which of the following gangs is stationed in San Fierro?
8. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was renamed the ____ Bridge in San Fierro.

9. Which district is located in Los Santos?
10. Which of the following missions is given by Zero?
11. The two bad C.R.A.S.H. officers' names are Eddie Tenpenny and Frank Pulaski.
12. Which of the following small towns is not located in Red County?

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