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Latin "Ad-venture"

1. "Ad infinitum" is a phrase that means which of these?
2. The jazz musician's improvisation could be said to be played ______.
3. Decisions made "ad hoc" are likely to be _____.
4. Something repeated so often that it has become tiresome is said to be going on ______.
5. The phrase "ad valorem" means "in a brave or modernistic" manner.
6. If a person is acting "ad litem", they might be in court on behalf of someone incapable of representing himself or herself.
7. A quote recorded at a specific place may be described as ______.
8. Something that relates to the specific matter at hand is said to be ______.
9. Which of the following describes instructions that are explained "ad personam"?
10. When a debater turns to make a personal attack on their opponent rather than address the issue itself, which of the following best describes their argument?
11. This final question could be said to be "ad finem".

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