1. In what U.S. city does Rocky live?
2. What is Rocky's wife's name?

3. In which film did Sylvester Stallone's son play Rocky's son?
4. In "Rocky III", what did the city of Philadelphia present to Rocky?
5. In "Rocky III", Rocky trained in what city?
6. Rocky's trainer, Mickey, died in "Rocky IV".
7. In "Rocky IV", what was the full name of Rocky's opponent?

8. The robot in "Rocky IV" was a member of the Screen Actor's Guild.
9. A copyright lawsuit was filed over the script for "Rocky IV".
10. When Rocky went bankrupt, Rocky's family and Paulie rented a condo.
11. In "Rocky Balboa", Paulie retired from the meat packing plant to help Rocky train.
12. What was the full real name of the boxer who was Rocky's opponent in "Rocky Balboa"?

13. Mike Tyson was in "Rocky Balboa".
14. John G. Avildsen directed "Rocky" and "Rocky V".
15. What two films did not use "Gonna Fly Now" as the music played during Rocky's training?

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