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The F-Words

1. This word is often used figuratively to describe someone who does a lot of something. Its real meaning is that of a place where something is made (Noun).

2. This is the short form for a common device used for keeping items cold (Noun).

3. This word can be a noun or a verb. It is a device consisting of a motor with a shaft and blades (Noun). It also means "to spread apart" (Verb).

4. The opposite of "true" (Adjective).

5. Birds have these, and they are sometimes used to make pillows (Noun, plural).

6. Humans have eight of these. They are used for grasping (Noun, plural).

7. A type of dance, popular in the 1930's (Noun).

8. A story written from imagination, and not necessarily based on facts (Noun).

9. This word can be a noun or a verb. It is a small, often annoying insect (Noun). It is also what aircraft do (Verb).

10. This popular European sport is usually called "soccer" in North America (Noun).

11. A type of raptor, with very long wings. It is found on all continents except Antarctica (Noun).

12. This is a weather condition that is created when water droplets crystallize close to the ground (Noun).

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