Strategies for Slitherlink Puzzles

//Strategies for Slitherlink Puzzles
Strategies for Slitherlink Puzzles2016-09-14T07:01:59+00:00

Slitherlink Puzzles come in a variety of sizes. This means that different puzzles would also vary in the level of difficulty. Naturally, larger Slitherlink Puzzles mean that they are much more difficult than the smaller ones. Slitherlink is also known as Loop The Loop, Fences and Dotty Dilemma. To start we will explain you the rules of Slitherlink puzzles.

  1. Connect dots with vertical / horizontal line and make one loop.
  2. Numbers are the hints to know how many lines can be drawn around it. There may be any number of lines around cells without number.
  3. Lines cannot be crossed or branch off.

Standard situations for Slitherlink Puzzles

Here we will show you some examples of standard situations which you can find in slitherlink puzzles. We will show some examples for different situations (corner, border, middle and combinations with more than one figure). More examples will be added soon. If you have other examples which you want to share with other readers of Passion For Puzzles please send them to us.

Corner of slitherlink grid

Border of slitherlink grid

Center of slitherlink grid

Combinations of numbers within slitherlink grid

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