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The sudoku game consists of a grid, nine rows by nine columns. The complete sudoku grid contains the numbers 1 – 9 exactly once in each row, column and 3 x 3 square. You can se the cursor keys or the mouse to position the red highlight on the square you want to place a number or modify a number. Then press 1-9 to fill the square with that digit or 0 (or SPACE) to erase. The “Clear” button erases the entire Sudoku gird (click on it twice if you wish to remove both a computed solution and the clue numbers). Tips to solve Sudoku Puzzles.
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Sudoku Puzzle Books

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What is Sudoku

Sudoku is a number puzzle that requires no mathematical knowledge (no adding or multiplication etc.). It is based upon Japanse style crosswords where you are required to use logic to place numbers onto a 9×9 grid.

What is Sudoku Samurai ?

The Samurai Sudoku puzzles is another and more complex variation of the original Sudoku. The puzzle is essentially the same except it consits of 5 sudoku’s which are linked via the centre one, which will provide even the experienced Sudoku Puzzles with a good challenge.

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